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Prey Totems

Antelope- Agile, and excitable.... She can denote sacrifices.

Armadillo- The armadillo is careful and sets boundaries.

Boar- This is a much more powerful totem than most give it credit for. Boar represents spirituality, success, financial well being, and bravery.

Buffalo- The Buffalo is sacred, she is a sign of abundance, spirituality, and strength.

Caribou- Caribou is active and adaptable. He is always searching for something new.

Deer- A graceful and down to earth totem, she is gentle even when the world around her is not. She can signify compassion and innocence.

Elephant- The Elephant remembers everything and in doing so she is full of vast wisdom.

Elk- Elk is majestic and independent. He is a survivor even if he loses his way.

Gazelle- She leads a fast paced life and is constantly over coming struggles.

Giraffe- Giraffe often brings visions or warnings of the future. Her life revolves around her family and she uses intuition to make sure she does what is best for everyone.

Gorilla- The gorilla ensures peace through intimidation, gorilla often councils people to act quickly and discourages silliness.

Kangaroo- The kangaroo is in a constant state of balance, and thus teaches those he guides to enter the same state. She also brings healing and is a totem of stamina.

Porcupine- The porcupine is an innocent spirit who offers trust to those he guides. He is loyal and has many friends.

Ram- The ram is an imaginative character who brings out curiosity and sensitivity in anyone he encounters.

Stag- The Stag is a proud leader with masculine power. He often points out signs which we often ignore in daily life.

Zebra- The zebra is kind and agile..... She reminds us not to fall into the crowd and always remain an individual.

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