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Ankou are spirits of those who passed on and aid the deceased into the afterlife. They can appear in many forms. They are not malevolent spirits, but it is recommended that they be kept by a keeper who can handle intense energy and do not have an overwhelming fear of death. They will help you communicate with the dead, gift you secret knowledge of the afterlife, and increase your spirituality.

General Offerings: Grave yard dirt, some incenses, wilted flowers.

Class: Gray


Banniks are powerful spirits who were once used in ancient and sacred ritual. Their range of psychic powers is vast. They are excellent at predicting the future, aiding in spirit communication, enhancing psychic blessings and will gift you with psychic visions.

General Offerings: Tiger's eye, being placed near warm water with steam.

Class: Gray


The Banshee usually appears to her keeper as a woman. Some are extremely beautiful and some are hideously ugly. Their appearance depends on the particular Banshee. The Banshee can provide warnings, aid in communicating with the dead, insight into the afterlife, ease of stress.

General Offerings: Not required, but can be offered tea leaves or incense.

Class: Gray

Barbary Lamb

The Barbary Lamb is an odd spirit. They are born from a tree and resemble a lamb. They are wonderful white arts spirits that aid in psychic endeavors, increase divinitation skills, help you become in-tune with nature, and provide energy.

General Offerings: Foliage, vegetables.

Class: White


The Gamayun are large spirit birds that descend from Russia. They manifest to their keepers as a giant bird with the head of a woman. This race can help you gain insight, give you psychic visions of the past, present and future, and enhance psychic abilities.

General Offerings: Flowers, dried leaves, feathers.

Class: White


A Raiju is a rare entity that is an avid shape shifter. They will appear to their keeper in nearly any form—living and inanimate! They can help their keeper lucid dream, bring psychic visions of the future, develop other psychic abilities, and enhance current psychic abilities.

General Offerings: Placing their vessel by your bed while you sleep.

Class: Gray

Image courtesy of Creative_Hearts

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