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For the First Time Spell Caster

Here are some tips for the first time spell caster. This is an easy guide to casting your first spell. I always recommend that you cast simple small spells before trying to cast very powerful ones.

So you have decided that witchcraft is your path and you have decided to follow it, congratulations on your discovery! One of the first things that many new witches find themselves doing is figuring out how to cast a spell. This can be a challenge for those who have never done so before.

First you need to understand what a spell is. A spell is when you change your thoughts, emotions into a physical happening by channeling energy. Before you begin casting you should be sure that your mind is clear and that you are calm and relaxed. You do this primarily by meditating. Please see our meditation section for help: Login

Now here are some easy guidelines for beginning spell casters!

~ Before you write your spell simply write down your wish/desires on a piece of paper. At this point it is not important how you write your spell but to simply make your desires known. It doesn't even matter if you put it in words! If you find it easier to draw your wish or use symbols by all means do so! If you choose to write an incantation as many witches choose to do that is great!

~ Choose a candle that is appropriate for your desire. For example, if you are casting a spell to help you find money you will find that a green candle is best. Please see our Magick of Colors section for more colors! BluJay's Haunted Magick - The Magick Of Colors

Note: Many people prefer to use incense or use it along with the candle(s). We have a list of incense and their magickal properties as well!

~When you feel that your spell is ready to be cast burn the paper with your desire in the flame of the candle. Only allow the flame to reach high enough to where it will not burn your hand (keep cool water nearby in case of accidents).

~ While the paper is burning visualize your desire in you head very clearly. If you wrote an incantation recite it now. This is a very personal ritual for you so you may call upon any higher power you believe in.

~ Once the paper has burned you can blow out your candle now. Let the melted wax cool and take it as well as the ashes and bury it somewhere outside.


- I do not suggest that a beginner attempt to cast a curse or vengeance spell. This page is for beginners who are new to spell casting and should be used only as a guideline.

-Be VERY careful when working around any type of flame. Never have extremely flammable materials around a flame (oil, gas, etc.). And always keeper water near by incase of accidents.


*This is only a guide. Individual spell casting is deeply personal and should be done however you wish for it to be.

*You may do this anywhere you feel safe and comfortable. Many witches choose to cast spells at their alter.

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