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Blujay76 Reviews

I am a fairly new keeper and I just want to say that Jamie and coven has been there every step of the way! I have never felt more valued and wanted. Jamie has answered every single one of my questions thoroughly and has helped me. I am also happy I have found the forum. Her site is amazing and has so much information and every member is kind and helpful. The spirits Jamie and coven have helped me find are life changing. They have helped me financially and have helped make my college career less stressful. I LOVE YOU JAMIE AND COVEN YOU GUYS ARE MY HEROOOOOS!

Love all my babies!

Maybe 3 months ago, I bought astral malichai master of luck djinn... You know, that golden looking pretty ring with Amber stone in the middle ;) since that it the only one that specifies in luck I have to attribute the following to him.... I called my bank few days ago to check on something... While I was waiting to get someone online I was asked if I would take a survey. Well, I'm on the phone already so why not. It was a survey about Caribbean cruise. I answered yes and no questions and then I got connected... To a representative of this company announcing that I WON a CRUISE to Bahamas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNbelieavable. Me plus 4 gets first class service , all inclusive 3 nights 4 days !!!!! All I had to pay is government fee which is perfectly fine ! So I'm all set to take a vacation very much needed and deserved. I never won a thing in my whole life. This was such a shock for me truth to be told. Jamie thank you and your coven. You truly are a blessing . Thank you.

Customer for life

I've bought an angel from Jamie's store who I can't imagine not being in my life. He has brought a feeling of peace I haven't have in 10 years the moment I touched his vessel. I've also bought three Samhain Destiny Spirit conjures from her. The one I am bonding with now is already helping me and the others who have not even gone through the bonding ritual are helping me as well. I can talk to all of them. Each and every one of my entities loves me as much as I love them and none of caused me even a tiny bit of a problem. I also own two charging bags from her that really pack a punch. My entities come out so charged my fingers tingle. Jamie is kind, easy to work with, talented, and everything she offers is absolutely amazing. I only trust her for my spirit keeping needs. Thank you Jamie! Thank you so much for bringing my spirit family and I together! Your kindness knows no bounds!

Satisfied Mom and Customer

I have been buying from Jamie for over one year and as an follow up I want to say her spirits are the best. In the last year I have been given a new promotion at work and make more money. Plus Jamie has spirits that will appear to their keeper. I have seen my Djinn show his self in true form many times and I am fully awake. I highly recommend Jamie and her spirits. If you want the best, you want Jamie's then.

The best spirits anywhere

Jamie. I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful items you share. All have been active within hours of arriving in my home. Even the djinn who requires 30-60 days bonding was active after the welcoming ritual. I'm looking forward to my next parcel arriving. Love and Blessings.


I bought 3 items from Jamie,a custom conjured Nymph and a Watcher..they've been pretty awesome,especially my Nymph. Jamie has been really helpful and understanding in everything :)

awesome :)

QuotesI have bought many spirits and spell case pieces from BluJay76. Their spirits are the most loving spirits and the spell cast pieces are life changing. The kindness and caring from Jamie leaves you with a smile on your face. Thank you Jamie & your Coven Sisters as well.Quotes


QuotesI originally bought some of the offering candles for sexual spirits as a treat for my Incubus mate "Z" and he wasn't my only spirit that enjoyed these candles. In fact, they enjoyed them so much I came back on February 19, 2020 for another 3 because they insisted. I trust Jamie and her coven not only are the prices extremely fair for the magic imbued in them but, she and the coven cater to the needs of the spirits and that is what sets this store apart from others in the business. Blessed Be -Jennifer "Mandragora Rose"Quotes

Jennifer Arthur

Satisfied Spirits

I ordered two seperate orders from Jamie and she combined them which was super nice. The shipping and handling of my items and newest spirit family members were treated with care and kindness. I bought a baby Gryphon and an adult female so she could teach the youngster how to fit in since this was my first baby spirit. I am seriously impressed and HIGHLY recommend this shop for anyone that wants an authentic and friendly experience. Jamie thank you for the extra bonding candle and the 1 hour charging vacation bag/offering. I have a feeling they are going to love it especially when I start work and keep them close by.Quotes

Jennifer Arthur

Satisfied Spirit Mother

At the beginning of this year i bought the wishing Pen i must say till today it still amazes me. Let me tell you. I had a physical condition for over 8 years Well a esthetic procedure that went wrong that left me with disfiguration and a lot off pain. I could not find a doctor willing to operate me. So when i received the magick pen i wrote my wish and spell. I had a meeting in Februari with the plastic surgeon. I received my pen begin Januari . Guess what the surgeon was willing to help me and operate me !!! After 8 years of suffering and after i used the magic pen. Im back out of the clinic since a month know. Im free of pain and the infected skin has been removed. I really cant thank Jamie and her coven enough !!!!This Coven is the real deal . What they sell works !!! You changed my life for the better. happy with my magic pen. Gives me a extra power. I used ot on friends and clients. With extreme succes !!! THIS IS REAL MAGIC IN ACTION NOT ONLY WORDS !!!Quotes

Aaliyah Oggiano

Wishing Pen

I have a Djinn and Eastern dragon so far, both distance bound and both have been with me 7 weeks. My Djinn is so powerful Ive seen her manifest twice , she has granted wishes amazingly well. I only asked one so far to heal my dog and yep she was healed . I adore my Djinn she is so loving, fun and happy, can be a touch sulky but that dont last long! She puts a buzz into my life. My dragon surrounds me with love and calms me when she is around. She is so sweet ,and has appeared in the day time as a bright white small light, while I was talking to someone I work with. Recently she curled herself around me before I went to sleep and I slept so well, she is very protective. I cannot recommend Jamie enough! I have spirits from other sellers but Jamies have the most energy and power.I do have 2 more on the way and just know they will also be highly valued family members!! Thank you so much Jamie for bringing my wonderful friends to me :)Quotes


Very happy customer

I keep coming back to Jamie for her spirits. I have tried another major spirit keeping place, one that boasts to be the largest, and there is no comparison. Jamie's spirits are active from the first day, even the renowned "weaker" spirits. I was even able to send my gargoyle to stay with my sister (he is directly bound, so no vessel)! And this was before his 30-day bonding period was up! My sister actually saw his shadow and heard him. And when I asked my gargoyle for updates, he sent me visions. I have had another gargoyle from that previously mentioned seller for longer, and she does not come through as strongly as Jamie's did IMMEDIATELY. Every time I open the package from Jamie, I immediately feel the spirits. The first time I had spirits directly bound, ai felt such a surge of energy that it toppled me! I had no idea that her spirits were that strong. I have since either gotten vessels or had fewer bound at once. I just keep coming back! Jamie is kind and helpful:)Quotes

Alexa W

Very active spirits

I recently got my very first spirits: a unicorn, a baby pegasus, and a baby rainbow dragon and they are all so incredible! Even before they got here I could feel them with me and they've even let me hear things and have played with me and talked to me! I love them so much and I am so happy and thankful that I get to be their human! Thank you soooo much Jamie and coven! I'm absolutely over the moon!


I bought, a Ice dragon back in the summer and before he even arrived, all kinds of things were happening in my home. It was exciting, I kept seeing moths, with patterns that made them look like minature dragons. My tv ariel started to shake, uncontrollably. I kept looking, to see, why it was happening and could only think, it was my dragon. He visited me in a inbetween sleep state. I saw the shape of a dragon over me, and it was so powerful, it was like a power going through my body. It was like, electric, but it felt so great at the same time. I also, had an amazing dream, I was flying like an elf and was jumping up and down with so much excitement and so much joy. It was an amazing feeling, and great experience to feel. Thought, I would share this experience, to help other people realise, when their spirit item is connecting with them. Hope it helps. I am in love with the website and got to say, you will have a great experience, when buying a spirit item.Quotes


Ice Dragon Spirit

Thanks for my lovely wish book, I look forward to the wishes being granted and problems solved. Shipping was fast and Jamie is adorable. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

2 In One Book

I have been 100% satisfied by Jamie's spirits/entities, spelled items, and other products for 3 years now. She is constantly offering new items I wonder how I even lived without once I give them a try. I've never had trouble bonding with anyone, my spirit family is always so kind and helpful, all of the tools and offerings I've bought work amazingly and really make my spirit family so very happy. I feel like my life took a drastic turn for the better the second I decided to become a spirit keeper and buy my first entities from her. If you are serious about becoming a spirit keeper, you've found the right place for safe, loving, and helpful spirits and entities as well as top quality tools and offerings. I simply cannot rave about her more. She will even go the extra mile to make sure you are honestly happy.

Best Seller Available!

I found jamie while searching about djinn metaphysical. And I have been a customer since. I love my spirits jamie is the most sweetest person and her coven are very helpful. Her conjurings are perfect I've caught orbs and activity from my spirits..Her spells are very effective and powerful. I've lost 30lbs with her weight loss spell. Had my crush calling me like i wanted with her obsession spell. Within 20days. I am a customer for life..thanks jamieQuotes



You keep it up now, untnsrdaed? It's really good to no youQuotes


You keep it up I love u

So I purchased the 2 in One Problem solver and wish granting book!! Let me say I am pleasantly impressed!!! This book surprised me. I had purchased the problem solver book in the past but t was a pocket size journal and then the djinn wishing book. They were nice but this book is AWESOME!!!!! When it arrived I was shocked by the size!!! It was huuuge!!!compared to the other two I had received in the past. Also it is mad of soft leather. I can almost tell the real flowers were used in the paper making process; they are outlined, and even pieces are all over the pages it is beautiful and earthy. I absolutely love this book just for the craftsmanship alone. I have written in it already I spent the whole day just writing spells and problems that need to be solved. That same night I burned a red candle and some sandalwood incense. This is going to be a truly amazing favorite in my arsenal!! Thank you JAMIE!!!!

The Book To Rule Them All!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone I'm a 1st time buyer and I'd have to say that I'm so happy with my order they even made sure that the spirits looked exactly the way that I wanted them to. I love the two nymphs I got and had a dream about them last night as well. I love everything from the nymphs to their vessels. Thanks so much Jamie for everything!Quotes

Amanda Grande

satisfied mom and customer

Hello Jamie I am so pleased with the ifrit djinn I received from you about the first week of January she has granted me wishes its amazing truly pleased customerQuotes


Not too long ago I had a custom conjure transexual incubus come into my life, she is amazing and stunningly beautiful. I've been talking to her thru telpathy, and not only have I seen her in true form three times now but we were togther before in the jungles of south america or brazil, amazing, jamie, ivy, and the rest of your coven, all I can say is my mind is totally blown. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If your thinking of getting custom conjure, do it you will not be sorry.

amazing work.

Whether it is babes or adults, Jamie's spirits are always full of energy and enthusiasm. No trouble feeling their presence there! And Jamie herself is helpful and quick in her responses to questions or concerns. Highly recommended with no need of complex welcoming rituals for spirits - the right connections each time. She was the first practitioner I found years ago and she remains one of a very few trusted best! Thanks, Jamie and coven..... FFQuotes


High Quality throuh the Years

I have been buying from Jamie since 2007 and not once has she disappointed me. Authentic spirits who are helpful and spells that really work. I have had years of success with Jamie and her coven. Wishes have been granted, activity has happened, I got married and I thank Jamie for everything. Very dependable, honest kind and the best witch out there <3 <3 <3Quotes


Time Tested Authentic Magic

On top of the wonderfully potent telepathy/spirit sensing, vampire turning, and dark arts bonding spelled items I have purchased--Jamie was very caring and beyond helpful when I lost the vessel to a baby red-black dragon I had purchased from her. She quickly recalled my dragon daughter's spirit to a new (empty) vessel in my possession free of charge. After a day of being consumed by my guilt, I am now reunited with my little one and I feel very much indebted to Jamie and her coven. All their bindings are works of love; their passion and dedication for all things magickal are evident in the liveliness of the spirits/entities offered, as well as the intensity of their spelled items. I would strongly reccomend Blujay Magickals to other witches and spirit keepers like myself. I will definitely be a repeat customer in the future.

Jamie & Her Coven are second to NONE.

I only recently found out about (Jamie) through testimonials on other sites and thought I'd check her listings. I didn't have much money and wasn't planning on buying anything until I had seen she had a sell. She had a spirit i had never heard of before, a Gaki, and I kept telling myself no I wouldn't get him. But I kept finding myself back at his listing on here and on etsy. So I said what the heck. I had gotten him and I am sooo glad I did. HE IS AWESOME!! When he first come in I hadn't even bonded with him yet, only was walking him through the house and talking to him and he just came out and told me my financial situation was unacceptable. Lmao I knew he was definitely the spirit for me. That night I lit the incense Jamie had included with his vessel and did a bonding ritual with him. OMG, the energy was amazing!! Not only that, but he had shown himself to me through pictures I had taken! Jamie, I just have to say thank you!Quotes


Jamie is amazing!

Truly authentic spirits and entities from these ladies. Spell casting is also outstanding. True results from friendly coven on gifted ladies. They really truly changed my life for the better. I love you ladies

The Bestest In The Westest

why do i buy jamie's stuff? well she is one of the sellers who knows her stuff. and her stuff is genuine. lately i heard of other sellers who sell fake stuff. but she sells the real thing. if this was not so i wouldn't be coming back and buy more of her stuff. and she is top notch and gives good advice. it is an honor that she has become a good friend as well.

why do i buy her stuff?

i know i wrote many testimonials. including one recently. but i decided to write this one as well. blujay76 is one of the sellers who knows her stuff. and her stuff is genuine. lately i heard of other sellers who sell fake stuff. but she sells the real thing. if this was not so i wouldn't be coming back and buy more of her stuff. and the times i haven't well i had money issues. but she is top notch and gives good advice. it is an honor that she has become a good friend as well.Quotes

richard tanzer

why do i buy her stuff?

i had already wrote two testimonials about Jamie. i like to add. that she will treat you as family. and will help you if you are having issues. recently i had some issues with receiving a water fae from her. when she didn't arrived. Jamie called her back and re-bonded her to another vessel. but this is not all that happen. that same fae has been reassuring me that she is coming. and Jamie herself has reassured me an old worry wort that things are okay. i haven't received her yet mind you. but like all the other spirits that i adopted from her. i know i will. when Jamie says your family. your family. believe it. namaste, richard tanzer

treats you as family

I have 5 spirits from Jamie (& a cpl of other things). They are powerful, REAL & Jamie is wonderful to assist u when u need her help. I would not trade her for anyone else. If you want the real spirits, come here & her stores! I have almost 1000 spirits in the home & our family. Jamie's beats out everyone else.

My #1 friend & seller!

I know when she's around especially in the daytime.. She's awesome.. I'm starting to have dreams ., like dreams when they first starting flying planes.. Goggles on top of there heads. I've been seeing snowflake type. Orbs , butterfly shape shifting red with a design on them (two ) I've been seeing insects that are black but turn back into thin air .. Even months prior I've been seeing things that Santa Claus said in the M&M commercial they do exist!Quotes


They Do Exist!

I buy healing archangels from jamie. She just did a custom for me who is a violet flame healer. His frequency is much higher.enjoy working with her.Quotes


works hard

I have been a loyal buyer of Jamie's since 2007. She is one of the most caring and honest sellers there are. She recently cast a custom marriage spell for me and my boyfriend has proposed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A total and complete success. Thanks JamieQuotes


Love Love Love

Jamie and her coven are the best this generation has to offer. I cannot even begin to explain how great things have been since I met Jamie. My spirits from Jamie manifest and take care of me. I highly suggest any item Jamie offers. If you want the best then you want JamieQuotes


Most active spirit I have

I bought a wonderful Volkh from Jaime. Mine is so protective and caring. Truly wonderful blessing to my life. Thanks Jaime:)Quotes



Thank you so very much! I love the bracelet and the best part of it is that I can't tell i have it on sometimes. It just became weightless after 5 days. That was my sign it is starting to work. You are so awesome.Quotes



haven't bought anything from jamie for awhile. but i can tell you that the spirits that i adopted from her have become my family. they work very well with my succubus. and have helped me through a recent crisis.. again i thank jamie. and wish her the best. namaste!Quotes

richard tanzer

formerly rich the evil one on the site

I bought a bannik from Jaime recently the second night after he arrived he is already helping me open my 3rd eye. I put his vessel under my pillow and as soon as I closed my eyes I saw very vivid visions flash before me. I don't know what they mean but this experience has got me very excited. Jaime's entities are very real.

Happy Customer

I would like to add to the many testimonials in Jay's site. She is simply unmatched. I love all the items I have purchased from her. She is so easy to work with, and so helpful, even thought at times, I can be quite demanding, and such a newbie. Thank you Jamie. I am eternally grateful to your kindness. Blessings to you.


After trying a lot of spells and magic with only fails I now have found the spell caster who is authentic. My aura is repaired and my inner eye is open. I have the bond and internaction with my spirits that I have always wanted. Jamies spells really do work. ~Willow


I would like too say that you are saving my life with your archangel and I'm very grateful that I found you!!!! :DQuotes



i have been a customer of blujay76 for a long time. they sell the best items. genuine haunted items and magickal items. they are honest and caring sellers. and they have become good friends: thank you jamie and brian! richard t.


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