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About Bound Spirits

If you are new to spirit keeping at first it may seem as if spirits are enslaved, however this is not true. Each spirit that is offered here has asked to be offered. They want to aid a keeper and be a part of something important.

Most entities are very powerful and if they did not wish to be bound there would be nothing that can be done. There are various rankings of entities, one type are God-level entities and spirits. These have earned their title through their power and would not allow a human to capture them and forcibly bind them.

Attempting to forcibly bind a spirit would cause very bad karma for whoever tried to do this.

Before we bind any spirit we ask that spirit if they want to be bound and serve a keeper, if they say yes they are bound. If they say no we leave them alone to live their lives. Each spirit will be allowed to leave its binding if it is abused, in the rare case this happens the spirit will come back to my coven.

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