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How to Create Your Own Book of Shadows

Here is a simple guide that will help you create your own special Book of Shadows(BOS). A BOS can be described as a "Witch's Diary". It is simply a place to put all of your magickal info such as spells, rites, herbal recipes, spirits, Gods & Goddess, your own beliefs and/or the beliefs and practices of your coven... There is a limitless amount of information you may put in your BOS- your imagination is the limit!

Firstly, I would recommend gathering all of your materials needed for your BOS. These things include:

-Something to actually write everything down in (journal of some sort)

-Candles if you wish to bless your BOS.

-And something to write with.... Not a very demanding list!

What should you use for your journal?

Well I personally believe in using a three-ring binder because it makes it much easier to add pages and subtract things when needed... But some witches prefer E-journals, which does benefit those who are technologically advanced but have poor handwriting; college note books, which are very easy to store due to small size and easy to find; and of course, there is the always-in-style leather journal. The most important thing is finding something that fits you.

Now for what is actually to be written in it...

Many witches tend to name their BOS, even if the name is something as plain and simple as "The Book of Shadows of (Your Name Here)", as it adds a slightly more personal touch. This may be put on the front cover or anywhere in the book that you wish

I also have found it wise to place a table of contents in the first page or two... It will make it easier for you to find things in the future!

Again, what does one place in a BOS? Anything you desire! This is your book and you can write anything that you wish in it! Be it spells you have learned from others or made yourself, notes on spirits, which Gods and Goddesses you worship, the possibilities are limitless!

Finally, there is blessing your BOS, which is something that I personally recommend.

I will share the blessing that I most prefer but there are many others out there.

Things that you will need for this blessing are:

*Blue candle, (represents water)

*White candle, (represents air)

*Red candle, (represents fire)

*Brown/green candle, (represents earth)

*Your new BOS

First, you must place a candle by each corner of the book. The placement of the candles should go as followed:

*North corner: Earth,(brown/green)

*Easter corner: Air,(white)

*South corner: Fire,(red)

*West corner: Water,(blue)

Please be sure to leave a decent amount of space between the book and the candles so as not start any accidental fires :)

Now, light each candle... After each candle you light, say the line that go with it. The lines are:

1.By the north, bless this book with the power of the Earth

2.By the south, bless this book with the power of fire

3.By the west, bless this book with the power of water

4.By the east, bless this book with the power of air

So basically, when you light the Brown/Green candle, you would say line 1 and so on.

Now you're ready to use you BOS!

Remember to always keep it in a safe place... I think it may be wise to use plastic sheet covers to protect the pages from any candle wax or debris that may accidentally fall on them.

Some people also refer to their BOS as their "Book of Light" or their "Grimoire". It is deeply personal and highly sacred to each person.

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