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We are now offering Pro Bono direct spell casting or nightly candle lightings for people in need.

How it works: Go to or join our free forum. Visit the Pro Bono spell section. Share with us what you feel comfortable sharing in this section. We check this section often, once we see you have asked for help either I, a coven sister or all of us will cast a simple but great spell to help you. As a bonus many members of the forum have also agreed to help as well.

You do not have to get to personal or share your personal details such as full name or birthdate. Just say you need luck, love, healing or many other things. We shall take care of the rest!

This offering is for forum members only, any spell work will be a direct casting and done when time permits.

Please do not send private emails about this offer. Just know if you post in this section we will all help :)

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