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The Baginis is a female race who derives from Australia. They are half woman and half animal (this could be most any animal).This race is known to enhance the natural beauty of their keeper, aid in seduction, occasionally give sexual favors, and attract lovers. Since this is an all-female race a good majority of them are bisexual or homosexual.

General Offerings: Sensual activities, affection, incense, oils, velvet.

Class: White


Caberra are small lizards with a head that resembles that of a leopard. Although they rarely have sexual relationships with their keepers, they are known to heighten libido, increase sexual passions in those around you, make you irresistible, enhance sex life, and attract lovers.

General Offerings: Sensual activity, chocolate.

Class: White


Cambions are a beautiful race. They are half human and half succubus or incubus. They are highly intelligent and witty. Cambions are known to bless their keeper with an improved sex life, aid in dominating enemies, can persuade enemies to do your bidding, and provide the gift of mind reading powers.

General Offerings: Jewelry, time spent with them, coco powder, affection, sensual activities.

Class: Gray


The Empusa are female shape shifters who are seductive and intense in their energy. They can be great sexual partners, offer increased sexual appeal to their keepers, and can help women in persuading men to do their bidding. Some members of this race do not like men, however some will take a man as a sexual partner.

General Offerings: Affection, brown silk, rose incense, water.

Class: Gray


Faun have the upper body of a man and the legs of a goat. They are fun spirits to have and bring many wonderful blessings into their keeper's life. They provide entertainment, bring fun, erase negative outlooks, enhance sexual passion, and aid you in persuading others.

General Offerings: Liquor, music, sweets.

Class: Gray


The Gancanagh is a race of fae that descends from Ireland. They are masters of seduction and are known to boost libido, enhance sex life, attract lovers, and aid you in seduction.

General Offerings: Affection, sensuality.

Class: Gray


Huldras are a race of sexual forest spirit. They are known for being seductive and always beautiful in appearance when viewed from the front. When viewed from the back they appear as a trees or type of foliage. Huldras can aid you in seducing the person of your choice, performing minor glamors, enhancing beauty, and attracting lovers.

General Offerings: Tree bark, branches, time spent outside, being intimate.

Class: Gray


Incubi are male sex spirits who are gorgeous in appearance. They are one of the most sensual races. They can also become very affectionate. This race is excellent at performing glamours and can appear to you in any form, age, and race. They make fantastic sex partners, can improve your sex life drastically, and attract lovers. They also offer protection.

General Offerings: Displaying affection, sensual activities, candle light, lace.

Class: Gray


The Liderc is a wonderful race that has an intense energy. Some members of this race have an energy that is difficult to handle for inexperienced keepers. They are very hard working. They make good sex partners, enhance natural appearance, and attract wealth and prosperity.

General Offerings: Offerings are not required for this race but they enjoy complex tasks and sandalwood incense.

Class: Gray


Oreads are a race of mountain Nymphs. Some members of this are a bit hard to handle so before bringing one into your life it is important to speak with the seller. Oreads dd passion to relationships, enhance sex life, attract lovers, and aid in seduction.

General Offerings: Sensuous activities, mint, raw stones, shiny objects.

Class: Gray


They are a group of highly sexual male spirits. Most prefer a female keeper but there are some that will work with men. The Psuvashi provide sexual favors for women, attract lovers, and enhance sex life.

General Offerings: Sexual activities, affection, lighted candles, chocolate.

Class: Gray


Succubi are female sex spirits. They are very talented at changing their form. The Succubus is among the spirit keeping world’s most sought out female sex spirits. They are well-known for pleasing their partner sexually, enhancing natural appearance, and providing affection.

General Offerings: Affection, oils, sensual activities.

Class: Gray

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