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Celtic Tree Astrology


December 24th-January 20th

 People born under the Birch are motivated individuals who are driven by success. For the ancient Druids, the Birch was a versatile part of nature that helped everyone around them. These are natural born leaders, and not only work for their happiness but for the happiness of those around them.

The Rowan

January 21st-Febuary 17th

The Rowan is a tree of great insights. People born under this signs are highly spiritual and intellectual. They grow to be wise and succeed in things having to do with the mind.

The Ash

February 18th-March 17th

The Ash tree is a symbol of free spirit. Those who are born under the Ash are free thinkers and are charming. They are creative and always improving upon themselves. They have a talent and love for the arts.

The Alder

March 18th-April 14th

The Alder is one of the most passionate signs in the Celtic Zodiac. These people excel in social situations, and they bring balance. Alders can be great leaders and dislike waste.

The Willow

April 15th-May 12th

The willow is a tree that signifies intelligence and observation. People born under this sign tend to be mysterious and can often be mistaken as cold or withdrawn. Once you get to know someone born under this sign you will discover an intelligent person with wise insight


May 13th-June 9th

Hawthorn people are often creative and charismatic. They make great friends and are intelligent as they are excellent listeners. They do tend to have short tempers but they are humble enough to ask for forgiveness when they have done wrong.

The Oak

June 10th-July 7th

People born under this sign are stable and independent. They do not need anyone to help them reach their dreams but they provide stable companionship for those they care about.


July 8th-August 4th

People born under the Holly are often looked to for advice as they are observers and listeners who take everything in. They are ambitious and are confident. They are nothing and are admired for their fearless endeavors.


August 5th-September 1st

Hazel people often excel academically. They are top-notch learners and natural teachers. These people are clever, perspective, have an eye for detail and are organized


September 2nd-September 29th

These people have an eye for detail and strive to surpass their personal best on every level. They are unpredictable but are versatile for this reason. Those born under the vine have a taste for the finer things in life and often will pursue only the best.


September 30th-October 27th

The Ivy is one of the strongest signs in the zodiac. Those born under this sign can withstand practically anything thrown at them, for this reason they are usually successful in whatever it is that they set out to do.


October 28th-November 24th

People born during the months of the Reed are clear-thinkers and handle problems step by step. They are talented analyzers. They make excellent friends as they are good at keeping secrets and are filled with passion.


November 25th-December 23rd

These individuals demand respect and are filled with pride. In their younger years they are often thrill seekers but as they mature they are deep thinkers who are concerned with philosophical ideas.

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