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These spirits have great protection magick and are most concerned with protecting you. They are listed in no certain order.

Courtwind Angel

This heavenly race will protect you from things you were not even aware of. They are banishers of evil unbounds and can protect you from most anything. They will also seek justice and help their keeper reach their goals.


I personally feel that gargoyles are a must-have for any spirit family. They will protect you, your home, family, spirits and even pets. Gargoyles are not known for being the most attractive of entities but they are loving and devoted guardians.


Volkh's are powerful guardians who are also talented shape shifters. They provide protection against any harmful force, and can undo curses or hexes.


Fylgias are spirits whose number one purpose is to protect their keeper. They will become attached to your soul and will always travel with you. This is one of the most intense bonds possible.


Hellhounds are the greatest and perhaps the most frightening of all protectors. They have a fire like aura and a feisty attitude. They are lively, they are fun and towards good people are very kind.

For a complete list of spirits please join our forum. We have a more in depth look into behaviors and offerings for a wider variety of spirits.

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