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Waxing Moon Dieting Spell

At the New Moon, go outside by the light of a white candle. Take with you a piece of cleansed moonstone. Get comfortable and form in your mind an image of yourself slim, trim, healthy and happy. As you say the following chant, allow the image in your mind to grow more and feel real.

“Maiden of old, maiden of fire,

Who sees and knows my heart's desire,

I am You, and You are me, and this is what I will to be.

So be it. Blessed be."

Hold in your mind the image as long as you can. When you are ready, project the image of yourself into the stone. Carry it with you to help keep you motivated. Allow the candle to burn itself out and then discard it.

Waning Moon Dieting Spell

It helps to do this one in the nude. If you are uncomfortable with this please stay dressed. It's better to be comfortable during spell work. Take a piece of moon charged moonstone and allow yourself to grow quiet and meditative. When you are relaxed and focused, stand and hold your moonstone in your cupped hands. Imagine it as a living creature that feeds off your energy (like a sponge). When you are aware of its energy, move the stone slowly over your trouble spots, imagining the stone sucking the excess energy (and fat) out of those areas. Will the stone to take only as much as is healthy. When your stone begins to feel "full", dress and take it outside. Bury it, saying:

"Creature of Mother, creature of Earth,

Lend me your powers of rebirth.

I give you to soil and silvery light.

I release you into the darkness of night.

As I will it, so mote it be.

These spells are meant to enhance an healthy diet and exercise program. We all must meet the magick will put out at least some of the way!

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