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Bonding Ritual

This ritual should be relaxing and easy...Plus open so you may add personal touches. Bonding time can vary from person to person or spirit to spirit. If you don't feel a instant connection that's okay, just keep trying. The best way to bond is to keep a open and relaxed mind. I also highly suggest daily meditation! For new keepers this can b​e hard at first but with time and practice it will become like second nature.

Your bond is best sealed by flame and a simple candle will be fine. The ideal color candle for bonding will vary from spirit to spirit in most cases White will be the ideal color as it is the all purpose color candle. You can also use any type candle you wish to. Anything from a votive to a taper candle will be perfect!

Light the candle and pick a time when you are alone and can relax. Hold his/her host to your chest (skin on skin contact is best). Relax and open your mind. What happens next will vary but things like visions and random thoughts may happen. You may add any personal touches to the bonding. Things like inscribing your name and his name on the candle are common and helpful. People will even a burn a piece of their hair in the candle flame to prove their dedication. Add anything you feel is right!

During this time let your spirit know you seek a merging of energy. Tell your spirit to bring his/her energy to you so that you can feel it and let it merge with your own. Use his name often during this time and tell him your name and place. You are the keeper and let your spirit know this. If at anytime you feel the need to add any words, desires and rules please feel free to add anything you like.

This ritual starts the merging of your energies. Once your energy merges you have sealed your bond. After you complete this it is highly suggest you wear the vessel as much as you can for the next 30 to 60 days.

Blessed Be

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