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Spirit Offerings

Many people email in asking about spirit offerings, typically they ask two questions: Do I have to leave offerings? And “What makes a good offering?”

Most races of spirits do not require offerings. However many will appreciate offerings because they show love and gratitude. Our coven offers a variety of spirits offerings. Everything from sphere to incense. These are hand-made and coven casted to be gifts for your spirits to make them feel loved and give them a slight boost in power. If you cannot afford to purchase offerings you can make your own!

First here are some good ideas that require very little effort on your part:

Sandalwood incense: just leave sandal wood incense under the moon for a few hours. Place your spirit or entity’s vessel by the incense while it burns. Sandalwood incense makes great offerings for most types of spirits!

Clear Quartz: Again simply leave it under the moon for a night or two. Leaving potential offerings under the moon helps to charge them. Clear Quartz makes a great offering for any type of spirit as it absorbs negative energy.

Candles: Candles make wonderful offerings for most spirits and they can help to seal your bond. If you carve your name and your spirit’s name into a candle it can help you and that spirit form an even closer bond! Candle colors vary by spirit race. Typically a white or blue candle will work for most entities.

Polished Stones: Moon charged polished stones make an excellent offerings and can help give your spirits/entities a good boost of energy. Just find out your spirit’s favorite color and use that color of stone!

Personal Belongings: This is perhaps the most intimate and inexpensive type of offering. You can offer a spirit anything that is important to you and it will make him or her feel loved and wanted. These can be things like jewelry, photographs to hand written notes or stories.

Their own Space: This is one thing that we highly suggest; trying to give your spirits their own little section of your home. You can make a kind of “spirit bed” for each spirit with things like polished stones, their favorite incense, satin/silk material and their recharging bag/box. This makes them know that they are completely welcome into your home!

When it comes to leaving offerings for a spirit/entity it is all a matter of personal choice. Each keeper finds that they will find something unique that works.

When leaving offerings such as candles or incense I recommend placing their vessels while the candle or incense burns and leaving it there until it has burnt completely out.

When leaving offerings such as polished stones, coins or personal belongs I suggest placing the offering with your vessel (either next to it or in its recharging bag or box) for 8-24 hours depending on you and your spirit’s preference.

This is a very brief explanation about offerings. There is no one thing works or does not work. Feel free to use the tips on this page, talk to other keepers or find what works best for you and your spirit family!

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