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If you have been having back luck over and over again give this ritual a try...Even if there is no curse this simple spell can remove bad luck!

This is best done at night...Fill your bath with warm water and open the window so that the moon's rays will enter your bathroom and fall on you while you bathe. If your bath room is not set up for moon lights on the bath still open the window and put moon charged quartz in your bathroom.

Add the following to your bath water....Myrtle leaves, Sea Salt, and Orange flowers. Wash yourself completely in the solution, and chant the following out loud.

"As I declare,

Cleansing my despair,

I call on you, Oh Goddess of the moon,

Cleanse me and remove all despair,

Free me my beloved Moon Goddess As I worship you. So Mote It Be!"

Do this at least three nights in a row, and all curses or hexes will be removed. To make it stronger, burn white sage in your bathroom.

This spell is good for low level or even mid level curses. Certain full coven curses and blood curses will need a more powerful spell.

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