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New for 2014 and growing weekly is a more in-depth spirit guide. You will find this within our forum!

Welcome To The Spirit Guide

This part of the website will take me sometime to complete. I will do my best to add to it daily and in the end I hope it is a guide that will help you choose what type of spirit will fit into your life. As there are many types of spirits to add I will be busy!

Spirits and Entities

Yes, there is a difference. A spirit was once alive but has died. They still remain in our realm and still have feelings. Many still try to be useful and many are. They simply cannot reproduce, grow or become stronger .

A Entity lives, loves, feels, breeds, can grow, can learn and can change. While in our realm they rarely appear as they would in their own. They can appear in many ways but it is more common in spirit form. Things like mist, shadows, orbs and fiant manifestions are most common.

Yes, your Entity can and one day will die. Chances are it will not be in your life time. Depending on the race many entities live to be thousands of years.

Since entities appear as more of an spirit while in our realm they are often referred to as spirits. If you are unclear about what he or she always ake questions.

Spirit Keepers

We as spirit keeper are blessed and we should love the spirits we keep.

There are two types of spirit keepers. The good and the bad.

The good spirit keeper always follows his or her heart when it comes to who they bring into their life. They care for their spirit, spend with with them, meditate, give offerings and give thanks. They view their spirits as companions and magickal friends. They understand that spirits have needs and are not mindless slaves. They understand that a well cared for spirit will bring many gifts and will bring them often.

The bad spirit keeper is one that simply takes in a spirit on power alone. They view the spirit as a mindless servent who must work day and night to bring them riches. They order and demand. They give no thanks or offerings for the things their spirits do. Demanding keepers will find they have limited success with their spirit. Spirit keeping is not about making something a slave. If you want a slave please find do not consider any spirit offered on this site.

If you come with love in your heart then you are welcome to anything I offer. When you care for your spirit he or she will move mountains to please you!

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