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The Boobrie is a large bird who, when raised from infancy, has the ultimate bond with its keeper and its keeper’s family. It is best to raise them either from birth or from a young age, however many keepers have successfully bonded with an adult.

They offer undying protection against negative energy, harmful people, evil spirits, hexes and so on.

General Offerings: Affection, shiny/sparkly objects, sentimental objects, scented candles.

Class: White


Duojna have a fierce loyalty to their keepers and their keeper's family. They resemble wolves in their appearance and will appear frightening to those that wish to harm you. They can be described as the white art equivalent of hellhounds. They offer extreme protection against any living thing or spirit that wishes to harm you, curses, hexes, evil eyes, negative forces, bad luck and more.

General Offerings: Satin, music, brown sugar, raw stones.

Class: White


Fylgias are spirits whose number one purpose is to protect their keeper. They will become attached to your soul and will always travel with you. This is one of the most intense bonds possible. They offer protection against ANYTHING, bring you luck, improve your love life, strengthen weak points, bring prosperity, and help you in all matters of your life.

General Offerings: Pebbles, potatoes, almonds, lime.

Class: White


These are household spirits. They are protective and intensely loyal. They often manifest in the form a lizard. Since these are household guardians many members of this race do not require you bond with them. However if you wish for one of these spirits to answer primarily to you (or focus on protecting you in or outside of the house), it is recommended you perform a bonding ritual. They protect the home from curses and hexes, warn keeper of danger, and deter harmful people away.

General Offerings: Milk, honey.

Class: White


Hoblets are typically not attractive, but they are loyal and protective to their keepers. They offer protection against hexes, curses, negative energy, harmful people; entities; and spirits. They are also known to attract good luck and money.

General Offerings: Sand, dirt, pebbles.

Class: White


The Landettir are spirits who will become fiercely loyal to one household. Since they are a house-hold spirit, bonding is not required but is recommended if you would like the Landettir to answer primarily to you. This race will protect the home from invaders, curses, hexes, negative forces, drive away illness, and bring good luck.

General Offerings: Salt water, hard candy.

Class: White


Lares usually work in pairs and are extremely protective of their keepers. They will often manifest as snakes or other reptiles. They are extremely protective, they watch over you day and night and warn you of danger and protect you from harm.

General Offerings: Satin, Dragon’s blood incense

Class: White


They have the body of a parrot and the head of a reptile. It is extremely special to be called and chosen by one of these entities because they only serve those pure of heart. They warn their keepers of danger, cast protection spell, ward off negativity, and banish harmful beings.

General Offerings: Colorful stones, seeds, music, branches.

Class: White


The Tornak is a guardian spirit. They are affectionate and protection against curses, hexes, negative forces; they warn keeper of danger, and repel forces/people that mean to harm you.

General Offerings: Foliage, potato peels, unpolished stones.

Class: White


Volkhs are powerful guardians who are also talented shape shifters. Your volkh provide protection against any harmful force, can undo curses or hexes, cleanse the spiritual bodies, and bring emotional, physical, spiritual and mental healing.

General Offerings: Flower petals, raw stones, affection.

Class: White

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