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Spelled Merchant's Stone - Magickally Enhanced Raw Citrine Brings Wealth Success Boosts Self Esteem & More


Today we are pleased to offer you a spelled stone commonly referred to as “The Merchant’s Stone”. This offering is for one piece of magickally enhanced raw citrine.


Citrine is ideal for the person who desires wealth, power, success, & more. Carry it in your pocket, purse or brief case when you go to work; keep it by your computer when filing out job applications, keep it in your pocket when you are at the casino, meditate with it when trying to make important financial decisions… The possibilities of the money making stone are endless!

Simply working with this stone will change the energy around you to one that will attract opportunity, promote wealth and so much more!

Other things this spelled Citrine Stone will bring you… Boost in self-esteem, enhancement of self-discipline, easing anxiety, gaining will power, stimulating communication, helping those who carry it release negative energy and more.

The size, shape, and color of your stone may vary. You will receive one raw piece of magickally enhanced citrine.

This stone also make a great offering for any spirit that specializes in bringing wealth. 

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