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Positivity Amplifying Spelled Soap - Attracts Luck Positive Energy & Boosts Happiness


Offered to you today is one of our newest spelled soaps!

Today we offer a soap blend created and spelled to attract positive energy.

This soap is ideal for days when you feeling down, sad, angry, stressed, fearful, lethargic or any other negative emotion!

It has been spelled by my coven to bring the user happiness, peace, and positive energy! Using this soap will bless you with a vibrant energy that will draw happiness & blessings to you. I recommend using this soap in the morning for max blessings, but it can be used any time.


This soap also works great to clear out negative energy and leave you feeling happy, confident and energized! It brings wonderful luck to you and will draw happy and inspiring people to you!

These bars of soaps weigh a little over 3 ounces. We created these in a variety of scents using essential oils. These bars of soaps were all created using natural, non-animal based products and are gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin.


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