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Spelled Soap For Spirit Communication - Speeds Up Bonding!


Today I offer a witch made and spelled soap that can help with spirit communication! Each bar is handmade with magick for enhanced magickal abilities...This is not your run of the mill soap!



Each time you use this special blend you will become more open to in depth spirit communication. If used daily you will soon find that all things spiritual are clearer and more vivid. With each use any energy that is hindering communication will be removed.


Use before preforming a bonding ritual, use before meditation or before offering time. Using this soap will help magickal manifest faster.



This is simple way to speed up bonding bonding time, grow a closer bond and learn more about your spirit family!



It is advised that it is used daily. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. The soap is about 3 oz and is made from goats milk with olive oil, vegetable fats and essential oils. It is mild enough for sensitive skin and possesses healing properties for problem skin.


International buyer, I am sorry for the higher then normal shipping cost on this. My best advice is to combine this with another order. It will save quite a bit on shipping!


Thank you for looking.


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