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RESTOCKED Handmade Incense For Bonding - Speeds Up and Seals A Fast Bond!


Offered today is a handmade and spelled incense for bonding! It is highly suggested that anyone use this special blend to help seal a bond with any spirit.

Using this blend of incense will help form faster bonds as well as help build deeper bonds with your spirits.

This is the very blend I and my coven sisters use when we bond with our own spirits...It is simply a must have!

Your spirit will love this gesture and will blossom once the smoke is afoot.

You only need one cone per spirit and per bonding ritual. However you may use it even offering the bonding ritual to help seal that deep bond.

This blend is good for any type of spirit.

You will get 12 cones of this incense. This incense is handmade and burns clean...It also has a wonderful smell.

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