BluJay's Haunted Magick     

  Where Magick Begins 

Trees and Floral to Use in Spells

 Acacia Leaves/Bark- Used in protection spells. May also be burned with sandalwood to open inner eye and enhance psychic powers.
African Violet- Plant outside to attract spirits and to increase spirituality.
Agrimony- Promotes good dreams, aids in lucid dreaming, can help healing and protection.
Aloe- Used for protection and healing. Prevents feelings of loneliness.
Ash- Protection and prosperity. Carry ash leaves for love.
Aspen- Protection from thieves
Aster- Used in love spells
Bachelor's Button- Attracts love
Bamboo- Good luck, hex-breaking, granting wishes. Burned for protection
Birch- Protection and purification.
Bloodroot- Draws love and wards away evil.
Bluebell- Eases depression, encourages people to tell the truth.
Buckwheat- Protects against poverty and attracts money.
Cactus- Protection and purification.
Carnation- Healing, protection, strength, energy.
Castor (poisonous, be careful when handling)- Protection
Cedar- Healing, purification, protection.
Chamomile- Dreams, healing, love, money.
Chrysanthemum- Protection.
Columbine- Love and courage.
Cotton- Luck, healing, protection, keeps away pain.
Daffodil- For love and luck spells.
Daisy- Promotes luck and lust.
Dandelion- Attracts spirits, used in wish magick, increases psychic powers.
Dill- Protection and wealth spells.
Dogwood- Wish magick, protection spells.
Elder- Drives away evil spirits, protection, peace, prosperity.
Eucalyptus- Healing spells and protection.
Fern- Purification and exorcism, matters of love.
Foxglove- Good for protections.
Gardenia- Increases spirituality, love spells and healing.
Grass- Enhancement of psychic powers and protection spells.
Hawthorn- Happiness and purity.
Hazel- Wish spells, luck spells.
Heather- Luck spells, communication with the dead.
Hemlock (poisonous, be careful when handling)- Destroys another person's sex drive, use in protection, aids with astral projection.
Hibiscus- Increases lust and attracts love.
Honey Suckle- Opens psychic powers, protection spells.
Horse Chestnut- Money spells and healing.
Iris- Purification spells, increase of wisdom.
Ivy- Protection and healing spells.
Jasmine- Brings psychic visions of the future, attracts wealth.
Juniper- Promotes health, attracts love, protection spells.
Larkspur- Promotes good health.
Lavender- Eases depression, promotes happiness, peace, purification.
Lilac- Protection
Lily- Breaking spells.
Liverwort- Protection and love spells.
Magnolia- Increases the loyalty of people around you.
Mandrake (poisonous, be careful when handling)- Protection, love, and health.
Maple- Money matters.
Marigold- Helps with legal matters, enhances psychic powers.
Mistletoe- Protection spell, love spells, promotes good health.
Moss- Good luck and money spells.
Mustard- Psychic powers, protection spells, increases wisdom.
Myrhh- Increasing spirituality, promotes healing, good for protection.
Myrtle- Keeps youth alive, instills peace and attracts money.
Nettle- Promotes lust.
Orchid- Love spells, helps dispel negativity and aids in the grieving process.
Pansy-  For use in love spells, and divinitation.
Periwinkle (poisonous, please be careful when handling)- Banishes negative energy, money spells, increases self-confidence.
Pine- Healing, fertility rituals, purification, money spells.
Poppy- Love, good dreams, invisibility, beauty.
Roses- Love spells, attraction of friends, healing, enhancement of psychic powers.
Rowan- For use in success spells
Rue- Mental healing, promotes good health, attracts health.
Saffron- Promotes inner strength, increases happiness.
St. John's Wort- Promotes good health, helps one gain power, enhances happiness.
Skull Cap- Instills peace, increases loyalty.
Sienna- Love spells.
Snap Dragon- Protection spells.
Spanish Moss- Protection.
Sugar Cane- Love spells, lust, helps promote peace.
Sunflower- Wish spells, promotes good health, helps gain wisdom.
Tansy-  Promotes good health.
Thistle- Hex-breaking, protection.
Venus Flytrap- Plant outside for protection, used in love spells.
Violet-  Protection and peace. Love spells.
Willow- Protection and healing spells. Increasing spirituality.
Wolf's Bane (poisonous, be careful when handling)- Protection, invisibility, cleansing of alter tools, used to invoke Hecate.
Yarrow- Increases courage, enhancement of psychic powers.