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New! Spell Cast Clear Quartz Traps Negative Energy Promotes Spirit Communication & More


Today we are pleased to offer you a piece of energy-infused clear quartz. My coven has performed a 3x spell on each stone to enhance its natural properties!

Clear quartz is one of the ultimate stones in cleansing. Clear quartz is a natural absorber of negative energies. Any negative energy directed at you will be drawn into the stone, protecting you from its harmful effects! You can either carry this stone throughout the day!

Clear quartz removes negative energies from the spiritual bodies, which allows a free flow of positive energies. This can help you become more spiritually aware and promote clearer spirit communication!

Carrying clear quartz is also a natural way of enhancing the power of your spelled amulets. It provides positive magick a wonderful boost in power!

This stone would also make an excellent offering for any spirit or entity.

The sizes vary but each stone will be about 1” long.

Thank you for looking. We will send simple instructions on recommended use. 

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