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Custom Made Mojo Bags to Bless Your Life!


Today we are pleased to offer you your very own custom-made Mojo Bag!

Mojo Bags are a staple in HooDoo magick and each grants its user numerous blessings!

There is a Mojo Bag for nearly every area of life… Please choose from one of these areas: Love, wealth, protection, luck, psychic blessings, happiness, curse removal or nearly anything else. They are highly magickal and created using the proper herbs, stones, essential oils, various ingredients and proper HooDoo and VooDoo rituals. Each bag and all ingredients are spelled to bring max results!

Each Mojo Bag is made to order and by using your name and date of birth, we can customize the Magickal Mojo Bag to suit your individual energy!

Upon checkout, please let us know what area of life you would like your Mojo Bag to specialize in and we will create the perfect one just for you!

If you would like your Mojo Bag to specialize in more than one area of life, please email us before ordering.

To use your Mojo Bag, all you need to do is keep it near you or carry it with you! We will send you instructions for recommended use. On the outside, your bag will look like an ordinary brown back but what is on the inside will bring you bright blessings!

Thank you for looking and please let me know if you have any questions.

Please place full name and date of birth here for customization

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