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New Spelled Soap! Dragon's Blood Blend to Repel Evil Spirits * Heal Damage Done by Curses*Boost Spell Work!


Offered to you today is a bar of one of our newest witch-made soaps. Today we offer you blend made with the extremely powerful Dragon’s Blood!

This is an extremely powerful blend and is one of our most versatile offered to date!

This blend is excellent for protection & purification. Using this blend on your skin will create a natural shield around you that will prevent any evil from touching you. It can keep you safe from curses, hexes, psychic attacks and other black magick. Evil spirits will be repelled, negative people deterred, and harmful energy blocked!

This soap is ideal for you if you have been cursed or hexed. Not only does it break the curse or hex, but it helps to heal the damage caused by this evil magick! It will help set your aura and energy right and will cleanse you of all energies left behind by any evil magick.

A final but extremely valuable gift this soap brings to its user… Using this soap when you bathe or shower will add potency to any positive spell cast on your aura and will boost the power of any spelled amulet (or other vessel) you wear. That’s right, just using this soap adds power to your spells!

I have also personally noticed that on days I use this soap blend, my dragons are almost giddy and manifest more clearly. They just love this blend!

Each bar is approximately 4 ounces. It is made using goat milk, dragon’s blood, natural oils and is perfect for most skin types. This blend of soap was created with beauty in mind and is perfect for people who suffer from acne, dry skin or simply wish to keep their skin soft and supple!

Please feel free to ask any questions.

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