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Energy Infused Dandelion Manifests Your Desires Promotes Psychic Blessings Boosts Spell Work & More


Offered to you today is blessed Dandelion. The mix we will send you is a mixture of cut root, stems and pedals. It has been magickally enhanced by my coven for maximum blessings!

Dandelion has numerous magickal uses. It is one of the most common herbs used by witches in their rituals. We have cast upon this mixture to ensure that it is potent for whatever you desire to use it for!

Carry it with you, use it in your own rituals, place it in your room, or spread it around your home and watch the magick happen!

There are many uses for Dandelion. We find that keeping Dandelion near us is an excellent way to help us obtain our truest desires. This herb has natural magick that draws in positive energy; it can even be used in your rituals to help your dreams come true!

The presence of Dandelion automatically boosts all positive magick around you. Any spell cast you, for you, and by your spirits will receive a large boost in power! If you possess a wishing book, box, or pen you can leave this Dandelion near it to boost its power.

Another blessing of Dandelion is the bringing of prophetic dreams, psychic visions, clarity, and lucid dreaming. You can boil a small amount of this Dandelion in hot water and gentle inhale the vapors to provide enhanced spiritual sight and psychic blessings. This is ideal for the aspiring psychic!

Other positive blessings of energy infused Dandelion include but are not limited to driving away evil spirits, uplifting mood, offerings for dark spirits, creature spirits, and fae; offerings for Gods and Goddesses, and removing bad habits.

I will send you with some suggestions on how to best use your Dandelion.

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