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Spelled Lavender Bath Salt ~ Spirit Communication Psychic Visions Lucid Dreaming & Promote


Welcome and thank you for viewing this offering.

Today we are pleased to offer you approximately 1 ounce of spell lavender scented bath salt.

Lavender naturally possesses numerous magickal blessings. We have magickally enhanced this bath salt to bring you max blessings!

I highly suggest using this bath salt before you go to sleep. We have spelled this Lavender Bath Salt to promote a restful sleep, reduce nightmares, promote lucid dreaming and even encourage prophetic dreams!

If you have spirits who commonly show themselves in dreams, bathing with this salt will help you connect with them in a clearer, more meaningful.

This salt is perfect for cleansing you of negativity you acquire throughout the day. You will be relaxed & more spiritually aware! When you awake in the morning, you will be refreshed and energized.

Other blessings this bath salt will bring to you include but are not limited to bringing good luck, aiding in spirit communication, warding off evil, promoting healing, attracting love, calming the mind and so much more!

Plus…. This salt will leave you relaxed and your skin soft and clean! Just a pinch of salt is all it takes!

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