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Blessed Wicca Water - Perfect For Blessing Sacred Spaces Cleansing Protection & More


Back by popular demand is Blessed Wicca Water!

This water has been blessed my coven to bring the user a variety of blessings. 

Some uses for this Wicca Water include

Banishing Unbounds from vessels 

Blessings Sacred Spaces

Cleansing Negative Energy 

Enhancing Spiritual Senses

Protection Against Evil 

Curse Breaking 

Blessing Objects 

Offerings to Gods & Goddesses 

Offerings to Spell Casting Entities

Boosting Power of Your Spells

And more!

This water was prepared using water from a natural source and following the proper rituals done by my coven. You will receive approximately 2 ounces of blessed water. The water will come in a plastic vial for storage. This water will last awhile as a few drops go a long way!

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