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New Spelled Soap to Bring Passion & Romance Turn All Eyes on You!


We are pleased to offer one of our newest soap blends. 

This blend was created by members of our coven and has been magickally enhanced to bring passion & desire to any relationship. 

This soap is ideal for you if you are looking to inspire passion in your partner. Using a little of this soap will drive your partner crazy with desire, lust and passion! It can help open their eyes to how wonderful you are and cause feelings of longing for you. 

Use a small amount of this soap before a date, before meeting with someone you find attractive, before spending time with your partner, or simply to be noticed by others! 

This soap has a lovely fruity smell and was created using natural oils and plant-based ingredients. It is free of animal products and is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. Each bar is about 3.5 ounces.

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