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Spell Cast Tiger's Eye - Stone of Many Uses! Protection Psychic Blessings & More


Today you are offered a 3x spell cast Tiger's Eye Stone. 

Tiger's Eye is a versatile stone with many magickal uses! My coven has magickally enhanced each stone to provide max blessings. 

Carry this stone or leave it somewhere close to you and it will provide

Protection (especially from psychic attacks)

Increased Concentration 

Clear Thinking 

Removal of Negative Blocks 

Enhanced Psychic Blessings 

Courage in all situations 

Attraction of Prosperity 

And more 

My coven has personally found that these stones are excellent to have with you at your place of work. Many of have attributed career success partially to these magickal stones!

You will receieve 1 Tiger's Eye Stone that is about 1 inch long. Please email me with any questions. 

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