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NEW BLEND! MOST POWERFUL Curse Breaking Soap Offered!


We are now offering a new blend of curse-breaking soap!

This soap is handmade and is free from any animal products. We use all natural ingredients and each bar of soap has been spelled to maximize blessings!

This newest blend is created primarily using paprika and coconut oil for protection and curse breaking. We have added a small dash of paprika power to enhance the natural magick in each bar! We have worked very hard to ensure this is one of our most powerful curse breaking blends 

You will find this blend perfect for you if you find yourself cursed, hexed or jinxed. This soap was created and spelled specifically for breaking curses and undoing all negative magick cast on you!

Negative energy resides everywhere. It can come from other people, spirits, places and other objects. Sometimes this negative energy is so strong it will attach its self to us and create bad karma, feelings of sadness, spiritual blocks, blocked psychic abilities among many any other harmful things. This soap has been made and blessed to cleanse you thoroughly and what better way for a cleansing then a relaxing bath.

This soap can be used daily to cleanse your aura, mind, body and soul of all negative energy. Once this energy is washed away you will feel light and renewed. Your luck and life will turn for the better. Your inner eye can clear for better sight of the spirit world. You will find that connecting with your spirits will become easier and clearer. Negative thoughts and feelings will leave your mind. This soap will also help protect you from evil entities as well as put up a shied to protect you from attracting negative energy.

Each bar is about 3.5 ounces and is created with natural oils. It is gentle enough for sensitive skin. We recommend cleansing yourself with this soap daily. A little use goes a long way!

Thank you for looking and please feel free to ask any questions.

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