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Magickally Enhanced Soap to Bring Psychic Blessings & Wealth


My coven is proud to offer an original witch-made soap created to enhance your psychic powers and attract wealth!

This is one of our most diverse blends of handmade soap offered to date. It is created using an array of natural ingredients with jasmine being the primary ingredient. This bar of soap was handmade by a member of my coven and was magickally enhanced by our full coven to bring you as many blessings as possible!

Using this soap daily will help clear your spiritual bodies of negative blocks that can inhibit your psychic blessings from growing. When used daily, this soap blend helps to open the inner, increase intutition, grant empathic abilities, and can even promote natural and developed gifts such as psychic visions and telepathy.

This blend works great to naturally enhance your ability to communicate and bond with your spirits. You can bathe with this soap before bonding or meditating to prepare your senses for spiritual interaction.

We have also magickally enhanced this blend to promote wealth. If you seek good luck, debt relief, job success and extra money this soap can attract them all.

Luck is sure to be with you wherever you go. Your body and mind will relax so your inner eye abilities can blossom. This can also keep negative energy from sticking to you, relieve stress and stop worry.

There is a small amount of coconut in this blend that promotes the cleansing of negative energy and blesses the user with protection of negative forces.

This bar of soap is about 3.5 ounces and is created using non-animal based ingredients. It was handmade by members of my coven using jasmine flowers grown by my coven sisters, natural oils, and coconut. It is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and has the most wonderful floral scent!

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