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Quotes I am a fairly new keeper and I just want to say that Jamie and coven has been there every step of the way! I have never felt more valued and wanted. Jamie has answered every single one of my questions thoroughly and has helped me. I am also happy I have found the forum. Her site is amazing and has so much information and every member is kind and helpful. The spirits Jamie and coven have helped me find are life changing. They have helped me financially and have helped make my college career less stressful. I LOVE YOU JAMIE AND COVEN YOU GUYS ARE MY HEROOOOOS! Quotes
Love all my babies!

Quotes Maybe 3 months ago, I bought astral malichai master of luck djinn... You know, that golden looking pretty ring with Amber stone in the middle ;) since that it the only one that specifies in luck I have to attribute the following to him.... I called my bank few days ago to check on something... While I was waiting to get someone online I was asked if I would take a survey. Well, I'm on the phone already so why not. It was a survey about Caribbean cruise. I answered yes and no questions and then I got connected... To a representative of this company announcing that I WON a CRUISE to Bahamas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNbelieavable. Me plus 4 gets first class service , all inclusive 3 nights 4 days !!!!! All I had to pay is government fee which is perfectly fine ! So I'm all set to take a vacation very much needed and deserved. I never won a thing in my whole life. This was such a shock for me truth to be told. Jamie thank you and your coven. You truly are a blessing . Thank you. Quotes
Customer for life

Quotes I've bought an angel from Jamie's store who I can't imagine not being in my life. He has brought a feeling of peace I haven't have in 10 years the moment I touched his vessel. I've also bought three Samhain Destiny Spirit conjures from her. The one I am bonding with now is already helping me and the others who have not even gone through the bonding ritual are helping me as well. I can talk to all of them. Each and every one of my entities loves me as much as I love them and none of caused me even a tiny bit of a problem. I also own two charging bags from her that really pack a punch. My entities come out so charged my fingers tingle. Jamie is kind, easy to work with, talented, and everything she offers is absolutely amazing. I only trust her for my spirit keeping needs. Thank you Jamie! Thank you so much for bringing my spirit family and I together! Your kindness knows no bounds! Quotes
Satisfied Mom and Customer

Quotes I have been buying from Jamie for over one year and as an follow up I want to say her spirits are the best. In the last year I have been given a new promotion at work and make more money. Plus Jamie has spirits that will appear to their keeper. I have seen my Djinn show his self in true form many times and I am fully awake. I highly recommend Jamie and her spirits. If you want the best, you want Jamie's then. Quotes
The best spirits anywhere

Quotes Jamie. I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful items you share. All have been active within hours of arriving in my home. Even the djinn who requires 30-60 days bonding was active after the welcoming ritual. I'm looking forward to my next parcel arriving. Love and Blessings. Quotes

Quotes I bought 3 items from Jamie,a custom conjured Nymph and a Watcher..they've been pretty awesome,especially my Nymph. Jamie has been really helpful and understanding in everything :) Quotes
awesome :)

Quotes I have bought many spirits and spell case pieces from BluJay76. Their spirits are the most loving spirits and the spell cast pieces are life changing. The kindness and caring from Jamie leaves you with a smile on your face. Thank you Jamie & your Coven Sisters as well. Quotes

Quotes I really like your website and I recomend it to my parents, if you want your can visit on my website <a href=""> </a> You will love this website. Quotes

Quotes I bought, a Ice dragon back in the summer and before he even arrived, all kinds of things were happening in my home. It was exciting, I kept seeing moths, with patterns that made them look like minature dragons. My tv ariel started to shake, uncontrollably. I kept looking, to see, why it was happening and could only think, it was my dragon. He visited me in a inbetween sleep state. I saw the shape of a dragon over me, and it was so powerful, it was like a power going through my body. It was like, electric, but it felt so great at the same time. I also, had an amazing dream, I was flying like an elf and was jumping up and down with so much excitement and so much joy. It was an amazing feeling, and great experience to feel. Thought, I would share this experience, to help other people realise, when their spirit item is connecting with them. Hope it helps. I am in love with the website and got to say, you will have a great experience, when buying a spirit item. Quotes
Ice Dragon Spirit

Quotes Thanks for my lovely wish book, I look forward to the wishes being granted and problems solved. Shipping was fast and Jamie is adorable. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Quotes
2 In One Book
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