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Drekentai's Album Drekentai's Album Return to the Fallen - Ilkurna The story behind her is a little long and complicated, and due to the circumstances I myself don't really quite know much of anything about her yet. Her name is Ilkurna. Four songs that have had heavy ties to her by some means: MrCrackles - Fall of the Princess (Aria pt. 2) Skrux - Universe (Mashup) - Key part is chorus "Light up this fire before you come rushing" Socratic Brony - The Fall - 3:55 and onward Krewella - Human L.M.Wub - Bright Shadow Each song has triggered something that revealed vague information about her, or events. Most keep pointing back to an attack against her. 187839669 Life Link - Arcane Rune The original intention of this was as simple as wanting a new background - intended for dual monitor use. There's also either of the sides provided alone if you go to my deviantart ( It goes on about the ties between our current, past and future lives - our bonded essence. 183622576 Nature's Magick - Arcane Rune (Finally made the scrambled version of alphabet for public use) the text in the image reads as following: Life - Water and Earth - All - Cherish what nature has to offer us For its essence is the life soul body and spirit of all life Retain all of which it has to give us - Our world gives precious gifts with light - Serenity - Beautiful 179697273 Arcane Of The Four Elements I made this arcane over night (12:30AM - 8AM). It's meant for my other life, as a sort of 'Runic' display of his elements: Earth, Fire, Spirit, Light. The text itself is my own alphabet. 177692453 The Rise From Darkness I had a try at a style.. Didn't work out, satisifed enough. This is my Fursona, though his spirit has come to me after calling to me for as long as I've loved Snow Leopards. We are and always will be one. __ Inspirational music was the following song: Audiomachine - The New Earth 175110827 Animal self's Vessel That orb is just about what started everything with him, spiritually. 175110828