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Posted by Jamie on February 25, 2013 at 3:45 AM Comments comments (143)

I am going to try to make this short and to the point...

I get many emails from people asking if there is a way to keep spirits without bonding or any effort on their part. The honest answer is no!

Entities and spirits are not mindless slaves who have no feelings.

Please take a moment to think about it...If you entered a persons life and they just started asking you to work, how would you feel? Would you bring blessing after blessing to a person you don't even know? Would you try to move mountains for a person who just gave you orders with nothing in return? Most people would not do anything for a person who simply wants, wants and then wants some more.

Spirit keeping is a honor and being blessed with a entity should be treated as the honor it is. Bonding with the entity not only allows that entity to know you, your energy and your needs it also lets the entity know you are interested in them and their energy. A simple bonding ritual lets the entity know you are thankful for them, are willing to get to know them and are willing to give respect. A bond of respect of feelings is created that is key to getting blessings.

Bonding is not hard to do and should never be viewed as a job...When comes down to it a bonding ritual is nothing more then relaxing and sharing with your entity. It can also be very enjoyable and very rewarding!

A well loved entity/spirit will bring you more blessings, will care about your happiness and care about you! When there is a feeling of bond/respect you will be amazed at the rewards.

Please do not treat any entity like they are a mindless slave because they are not. Each one deserves some of your time and should be rewarded for the blessings they bring.




A Bit Pricey???

Posted by Jamie on November 26, 2012 at 3:20 AM Comments comments (4)

I once got a email about a $25.00 spell item and although the person was very nice they said the item was a bit pricey.

I would like to explain the pricing of items and why I feel they are fairly reasonable!

Well done spell casting is not a simple job and takes more then just mere minutes to complete. Depending on the spell it can take hours to days.

For many spells my coven and I do full coven castings so that means you have 8 witches leaving their homes, paying for gas to meet at the our alter. Then we prepare and cast. Just to get to our alter is more then $25.00 in gas.

We pay for supplies needed as well as the vessel. Vessels alone can be between $10.00 to $75.00 each.

When pricing a item we take all of the above into consideration. Some spells can be priced more affordable then others due to we can imbue the magick to more then one vessel at a time.

When searching for a spell I advise do not go with the cheapest...This is a spell that is suppose to change your life in a positive ways. Choose the spell that is cast with care and time. Also ask questions...It's okay to ask how a item is priced, who cast it and how long it takes to cast.

I have seen many spells offered by other practitioners for $9.99 and how any coven can cast a major spell that works for $9.99 baffles me. That is retail for the vessel so what kind of magick is he or she using? What kind of time is spent perfecting and casting?

Profits for spell casting and spirit conjurings are very very little. We offer our time for free when casting or conjuring...

In closing I just want you all to know that pricing on a spell is as low as we can go and still offer a top of the line spells that will manifest with positive results!

Many Blessings ~ Jamie