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A Place for all your Metaphysical needs.

From Spirits to Spells you will find it here. If you don't please send us an email! We are not happy unless you and your spirit family are happy.

We work hard to offer the best customer service. Personal attention is our number one.

Welcome to the one website where you are number one!

Unlike eBay I will accept all forms of payment. Even personal checks. Please feel free to email me for details.

All items that have found homes will be removed within 48 hours. Please copy the info to keep for your records. Once I delete it I cannot get it back for you. If you see something sold in my store that means payment is pending. If you feel a pull towards it please let me know in case the sell is not completed.

Please allow 72 hours for your order to ship!

Willing to hold almost any item with a deposit. Deposits are not refundable. Please do not ask me to hold a item without a small deposit as this is unfair to the spirits and other people.

The law states you must be at least 18 years of age to view this site.

BluJay's Haunted Magick © is copyrighted. All offerings are dated, anyone caught copying our offerings/words or using our name will be prosecuted.


Now Offering New and Improved Layaway On Orders Over 150.00 Sorry, but at this time we have an overwhelming number of layaways so 150.00 is the mimium amount for layaway.


Beware - It has been called to my attention that their are people selling items using the blujay name. Please take note this could be a scam. If you find a item using my name or another respected sellers name contact us first!

If you want me to move a item from my site to my etsy store that is fine. However there is a price increase to make up for any active coupon and etsy fees. Most of the items on my site are offered at a discount!



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SELL Most Powerful Spell Of Psychic Wisdom and Spiritual Sight 3X cast
Liosalfar Elf - Bring Job and Social Success While Fine Tuning You Psychic Skills!
Divine Angel Gives Dreams Of The Future Psychic Visions and Mass Amounts Of Happiness
Crystal Dragon - The Worlds Most Elite Race Who Is A True Blue Wish Granter
Black Unicorn - 2nd To None With Her Dark Powerful But Safe Abilities
Unicorn - White Art Wish Granter Portector and Loving Companion!
Haram Jinniyah - Perfect Powerful Sensual Egyptian Djinn
Most Advanced Vampire Spell - Be Super Human!
Sexual Mananggal Vampire - Youth Beauty Lovers Friendship and Protection!
The Dark Book Of Hexes Curses and Bad Luck - Hex Someone Without The Fear of Karma
15,036 Year Old Prince Purple Dragon Dark Magick! Elite
Raiju*Bringer of Psychic Gifts~Know Your Path Before You Walk It!
Flygia *ON HOLD*
Djinn Wishing Box - No Bonding Just An Array Of Powerful Djinn Waiting To Grant Your Wishes!
Lead Naga - Most Powerful Teachers and Guides Other Dark Entities
Encantado Level VII Protection Companionship Mind control and Vengeance
Zimada - Soul Guardian and Soul Retriever * Level VII
VooDoo Queen Sabine's Haitian Coin Of Money * Old Authentic & Safe Greed Voodoo :) JUST IN!!!
3 Fae The Cat Sidhe The Zeo Fae and The Seelie Court Fae!
Griffon - Powerful Protector Brings Riches Peace and Happiness!
Custom Conjuring Of Any Royal Or God Goddess Entity
Djinn Vampire Hybrid Gives Super Human Abilities As Well As Youth!
Custom Conjured God Shaitan Multiple Money Winner
Lasas Djinn - She Will Grant Any Wish, Big or Small * Very Active Djinn!
All Angel Portal - On Sale Now!
ON HOLD Angelic Wishing Box - Put Angelic Blessings On Your Own Jewelry
Gargoyle - Outstanding Protection From Lovable Entity * level VII
Hamingja Angel - Mature Female Brings Peace and Removes Stress Pure Angelic WA Magick
Eastern Attendant Dragon - White Magick Bringer Of Friends and Luck
Dark Art Obsession Spell - Make Then Think Of You and Dream Of You